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Kristin and I have been in SLO for 18 years. We met first day in the dorms at Cal Poly, and were married a few years later. Woodstock’s was a staple of our college years, and has remained a part of our lives ever since. Though we celebrate Valentine’s Day, we really don’t make too big of a deal about it, and usually end up staying in for the evening. However, a few years back, we thought “you know what, let’s plan to go out this Valentine’s day.” So, we made a reservation weeks in advance at a hot new restaurant downtown. Over those weeks, we talked about it a lot, getting more and more excited for the special event each time it came up in conversation. The day arrived. We wrapped up our workdays and started getting ready for the big date. Suited up in our fanciest getups, we headed out. We live here in SLO, so the drive wasn’t too long. Parking can be tricky downtown, but as luck would have it, there was a parking spot open right in front of our destination. Everything was perfect. And as we parked, I looked at Kristin and asked her “you know what sounds really good right now?” She responded without hesitation: “Woodstock’s.” And of course she was right (she always is, but we can keep that just between us). So we called the restaurant that held our reservation, canceled it, and walked downtown to Woodstock’s. NOW, everything was perfect. We enjoyed our half Garlic Bird, half All Meat Orgy, and Woodstock’s even treated us to a heart-shaped cinnabread! Thank you, Woodstock’s, for being exactly what we wanted on that Valentine’s Day, and every Valentine’s Day ever since!



We started our love affair with Woodstock’s in 1982 as freshmen at UCSB. We are a group of twenty Anacapa Dorm friends who met freshman year and remain close friends these 40+ years later. While at UCSB, we enjoyed two to three pizzas a week; wheat crust Hawaiian was our favorite. We still meet each year in June at Woodstock’s IV on the outdoor patio to enjoy some pizza and adult beverages. We then walk and play frisbee golf across campus to Anacapa Dorm and Goleta Beach. As we enjoy our pizza, and our walk, we catch up with each other as to families, kids and pets. And we remember the many good times we had at UCSB and the many late nights where a Woodstock’s pizza delivery (sometimes delivered by one of our own who worked for Woodstock’s) was the perfect study break, munchie fix, or snack to enjoy while watching Late Night or The Tonight Show. And when we went to visit our friends in SLO, we made sure to try their Woodstock’s just to be sure the pizza was as good-and it always was. And now as a grandparent of a three year old Koa, who lives in SLO with my son (SLO) and daughter-in-law(UCSB), I always pick up a pizza to bring home so the love affair with Woodstock’s pizza can continue to the next generations. Thank you for 40+ years of delicious pizza and good times……and many more!



Back in 1997, amidst the charming streets of Chico, California, Woodstock’s Pizza was the heartbeat of my life. It was there, in the bustling kitchen of flour and sauce, that I, Michele, and my future husband, Lou, crossed paths and ignited a love story that would span nearly three decades. As fate would have it, Lou and I both found ourselves flipping dough while in college. I worked there from 1992-1997 while doing my undergrad and he started there in 1997 while doing the teaching credential program. I was originally attracted to him because he’s a handsome dude, but he was shy so I had to pester him quite a bit. My friend planned an evening out with our Woodstocks family and made sure we would both be there. The rest is history. Fast forward almost thirty years, and here we are, still calling Chico home. Our love story has evolved into something even more beautiful than we could have ever imagined. We’re now proud parents to two amazing sons, aged 20 and 16, who bring us endless joy and laughter. Our lives have been filled with countless memories made in our beloved town of Chico — from family hikes in Bidwell Park to tubing on the Sacramento River. And through it all, Woodstock’s Pizza has remained a constant reminder of where it all began. As we reflect on our journey together, we’re grateful for the simple yet profound moments that brought us together all those years ago. From the scent of fresh pizza to the laughter that filled the air, our love story is a testament to the power of connection and the beauty of finding love in unexpected places. So here’s to Chico, Woodstock’s Pizza, and the love that has anchored us for nearly three decades. As we look ahead to the future, we do so with hearts full of gratitude and anticipation for the adventures that lie ahead. After all, our story is far from over, and we can’t wait to see what the next thirty years have in store for us.



I went to woodstock pizza in my freshman year of college this one time, and my pizza box accidentally fell on the floor outside and my pizza completely flipped over on the ground making it inedible(unless you’re crazy like that). My now husband witnessed and came to me laughing. I started cry laughing because i was so upset, and he told me he would buy me a new pizza only if he could have a slice. We got to talking and decided to meet up at woodstock’s for a second time next week, and that became our thing until we got married. And, he proposed to me in our kitchen by placing the ring in the center of the pizza, and opening the pizza box like a ring box! Now we share a life full of happiness, love, and pizza! LOL



I had always been a lover of adventure and the thrill of discovering new places. On a warm summer evening, i found myself in Davis . As i stumbled upon a cozy pizza parlor named Woodstock’s, its inviting atmosphere drawing him in like a moth to a flame. As i looked thru the menu, my eyes were drawn to a striking woman sitting at the adjacent table. She had an air of quiet confidence and a warm smile that lit up the room. Intrigued, i couldn’t help but steal glances in her direction as i waited for my order. To my surprise, our eyes met. Emboldened by the moment, i struck up a conversation with the woman, whose name was Emily. We bonded over our shared love of pizza and exchanged stories of their travels. As the evening unfolded, Julian and Emily found themselves engrossed in conversation, their laughter mingling with the cheerful ambiance of the pizzeria. Time seemed to stand still as they lost themselves in each other’s company, the rest of the world fading into the background. Before we knew it, the pizzeria began to empty out, leaving only me and Emily at the table, reluctant to part ways. With a spark of courage, i asked Emily if she would like to go for a walk through the charming town, and she eagerly agreed.. It was there, in that magical moment, that I realized i had found someone truly special. With a heart brimming with emotion, i confessed my feelings to Emily, telling her that i felt a connection unlike anything i had experienced before. From that day on, Woodstock’s pizzeria held a special place in our hearts, as it marked the beginning of our journey together. The pizzeria has become our cherished spot, a place where we return year after year to celebrate the anniversary of the night we met.



Hello my name is Quianna & my fiancé name is Noel , we wanted to try something new for a date so we decided to go to Woodstock. We fell in love with the pizza it was amazing, so we decided to make it a tradition to go every Friday night. We always have such a great time there. Thank you for always having such a great staff , always making our dates special.



As a friend and I were trying to find something to do one Thursday night, I remembered meeting a cute boy at a party and finding out he worked at the Woodstock’s in PB. Plus, it was trivia night!! Hopefully, I would run into him, but worst case my friend and I got to enjoy some delicious beers and a tasty pizza. We headed in and grabbed a beer and a table. Once I sat down, our eyes met across the registers. He was wearing a red, flour soaked apron. His hands glistening with marinara and speckled with mozzarella cheese. It was him. Evan, who would eventually become the prep manager, and love of my life. I approached him and said hi. My dreams of dating a pizza artist were being realized. He ended up scribbling out the current manager’s name on a business card and put his own, as they had the same last name (Anderson). He also gave me his own number. I’ve cherished that card for the last 12 years. Ever since that fateful day, we’ve been inseparable and are now celebrating our 4th year of marriage. We have Woodstock’s pizza to thank. If it were not for the tantalizing pizzas and generously priced pitchers of beer, we likely would’ve never reconnected, and our precious son, Felix “Kickin’ Carnitas” Anderson would not have been born.